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Henny Penny's favourite makes - Make Your Own Luck shawl

Colour and colour play is such a major part of my work and I'm forever looking for patterns (knitting and crochet) which give me the chance to combine lots of colours in interesting ways.

I love grouping colours together and finding rainbows in different tones and hues - this crocheted bunch are my Jewel toned bundle and are so rich and deep.

I also love to bundle colours together that make me think of a season - these are my Winter frost bundle and are beautifully subtle but look extra pretty on a sparkle/stellina yarn base.

One of my favourite patterns is Make Your Own Luck by Lisa K. Ross (available here on Lisa's website). This shawl is the perfect pattern if you are a collector of mini skeins as I am, or a rainbow lover (again that's me!) as you can use 10 x 20g mini skeins and a main colour to make this. I chose a rainbow bundle of my semi solid yarns and an undyed skein so the colours would shine and had so much fun making this shawl. It's a great pattern as it makes a large cosy shawl, perfect for wrapping yourself up in on colder days, but the shaping and way it is worked means you never have to work the full length at one time as some other patterns do. I'm not such a fan of large rows (100s of stitches) so this was the perfect one for me. I also loved the fact that each colourful section has a different stitch pattern so you don't get bored of repetitive stitches throughout the shawl.

I loved making this so much that I almost immediately cast on a second version with a different rainbow bundle and I enjoyed making it just as much! This semi solid bundle had a more muted quality to the colours and it's perfect for spring days when it's still chilly but the flowers and trees are beginning to bloom and nature starts promising us sunshine again.


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