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Show notes - Podcast Episode 1: Can you tell I love colour?

Welcome to episode 1 of the HennyPennyMakes podcast. You can watch it on YouTube here

Where you can find me online: My hand dyed yarn is available at

I'm also on both Instagram and Facebook as HennyPennyMakes

If you have any questions, you can contact me by emailing Subscribe to my email newsletter here -

Show notes


Rainbow scrappy cowl (Simple scrappy Advent cowl designed by me and available here for free) -

Colour Therapy Club - each month is available to pre-order between 1st and 17th of the month and any remaining packs are then added to the catch up listing here -

Sock making

When making my stripey socks using my hand dyed mini skeins, I use an afterthought heel - there are lots of tutorials available online but this is a good one to follow -

DK sock pattern available from Winwick Mum blog -

Blanket making

Scrappy granny square blanket and granny square quilt blanket patterns coming soon from me (sign up to my newsletter above to hear more)

For these blankets I used yarn from Giddy Yarns from the 2020 Nostalgia club and Norah George yarns from the HP blanket club

Battenberg blanket (please be aware the original link in description takes you to Ravelry to download the pattern - please click the link at the beginning about purchasing update to find out more) -

Cuddle cardigan

I am currently working on writing and grading this pattern and will be looking for testers soon - if you would like to test this pattern, please email me at

For the cardigan I've used yarn from Norah George yarns, Dye Candy, Stranded Dyeworks, Snuggly Stars Yarns and Spectrum Fibres

Make Your Own Luck shawl by Lisa Ross (also available from other sources but this link takes you directly to Lisa's website) -

Erin x


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