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Flower Power Fund

Making a difference is what life is all about in my opinion. Helping others and being there in a time of need. Marie Curie UK is a charity that helps provide end of life support to people with terminal illnesses and especially at the moment, they are facing challenging times trying to continue fundraising during a pandemic.

In 2018, Dr Sarah Holmes, an amazing and truly inspiring palliative care doctor, launched a year long fundraising event called the Flower Power Fund (on both Instagram and Facebook) to raise money for a Marie Curie hospice where she works. She had the idea for monthly hand dyed yarn colourways that were themed around flowers and I was lucky to be one of her chosen dyers that year. I created my Delphiniums colourway and along with the Sarah and the other dyers involved, we raised a whopping £22,628.91!!! Isn't that amazing!

Sarah took a break from the fund for a year and then decided to fundraise again in 2020, include more dyers and having mini skeins too. I LOVE mini skeins so I was delighted to take part again and in April my mini skein bundle was released. Themed around Parrot Tulips, this bundle of 5 minis co-ordinated to create a mini palette of spring colours. I had it in my mind to use them to make stripey socks - I love sock knitting and think they are like little canvasses to play with colour on. I still have to cast them on though! In 2020, the fund raised an ever higher amount raised - £25,444.80!!!

Parrot Tulip bundle - available individually in Green, Yellow, Orange, Red and Purple

As organising the fundraising is a lot of work and Sarah already works extremely hard in her job, she had planned on having a break again this year, but as fundraising continues to be a challenge, she has decided to continue with the fund and this year the focus is on mini skeins only. I'm the first dyer of the year and my third creation is this bunch of minis, the Heart of Gold bundle, themed around my most favourite flower, the rose. I've chosen 5 names for the colourways (inspired by the roses) which felt very appropriate just now and you can see them all below. The bundles will be available in my shop until the end of February 2021, with £4 from each bundle sold going to Marie Curie. The ready to ship bundles sold out within 10 mins which is amazing and now there is a dyed to order option. It's lovely to be part of something so positive and creative and I hope for another super year of fundraising for Sarah and the charity!

Flower Power Gold, a beautiful sunny yellow to brighten up the winter days.

Heart of Gold, this is my favourite of the colourways and so I chose to name the bundle after it.

Hot chocolate, perfect for the cold weather just now.

A million dreams, I have so many hopes and dreams for the future and I'm sure you do too.

Always You, a reminder that we should look after ourselves (and others), especially at the moment.


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