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Semi solids

I love semi solids, they coordinate well with variegated and speckled yarns and are perfect for sock knitting when used for heels and toes. I feel sorry for them though (is that a little bit unusual?). I feel that semi solids often come second and are considered less exciting than the wide variety of hand dyed colourful yarns available but they are the colours that can make or break a project, they can make a colourful yarn shine or help pick out the delicate speckles that would otherwise get lost in a project.

I have created a range of semi solids which will be growing over the course of the year as the colour therapy club colours are added to the collection, so I thought it would be nice to share my existing collection now, and then the full assortment at the end of the year! The colours are all available in the dyed to order section of the website on a variety of bases so you can order a full skein or a mini to suit any project you're working on.

When it comes to inspiration behind semi solid colourways, often they are very straightforward and it's a name that springs to mind as soon as I look at the yarn... something that reminds me of childhood, a song that I love, items in nature or something from a book. As I've been compiling this post, I've realised that several come from certain collections of colourways and so I'm going to do separate posts on the inspiration behind them. For now, I've named each colour in each colour group and there's a link to the dyed to order listing on the website. I'd love to know which ones you like best!

Pink - Blossom, Love Potion, Strawberry bubblegum, Fuchsia and Rose Quartz

Red - Salmon, Red ochre, Carnation, Daiquiri, Rhubarb and Sangria

Orange - Lingonberries, Scarlet Rowan, Nasturtium, Ginger Orange, Apricot, Tangerines and Clementines

Yellow - Sulphur, Pollen, Sunshine, Pine blood, Primrose, Set honey and Old gold

Green - Bracken, Peridot, Emerald and Curse.

Teal - Green slate, Aventurine, Lichen, Foliage, Frosty pine and Splash

Turquoise - Sea glass, Tranquility, Duck egg and In deep

Blue - Forget me not, Sapphire, Squid ink, Blue Suede, Mountain mist, Autumn Dusk

Violet - Lobelia, Iolite, Parma Violet, Crocus

Purple - Scented stock, Honesty, Soapwort, Smokefrost, When the shadows turned purple

Muted purple - Inky, Amethyst, Aubergine, Mulberry, Wisteria

Neutrals - Darfur, Grey Granite, Clouds, Wood mushroom, Bog mushroom, Woodsmoke


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