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Colour Therapy Club - January

So the first month of the Colour Therapy Club is done and I think I'm overloaded with pink! I created 5 new variegated/speckled colourways which I absolutely love, ranging from muted right up to super bright. I wanted to create colourways that combined well but also stood alone nicely and I really love all of them.

I also created 5 new semi solids that compliment the variegated colourways (as well as the existing semi solids). That bright pink is slightly less bright in real life than it is on screen but it still packs a punch! Here are the five new colours

And here they are with the existing semi solids - I think they work really well together, don't you?

Dyed to order semi solid pinks can be found here

All 10 colourways from the club were also available as a mixed bundle or in one of my scrappy packs - you can see them below. There are a couple of spares so I may need to set aside a set for myself - I really want to make a beautiful rainbow blanket for snuggling up with in those cold dark wintery days.

And now we're into February and so the second instalment of the club is open. This month we're focusing on the colour Red and I'm really looking forward to the energy boost this month will give me. I hope you can join in with me!


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