Renn is a character from a series of books called The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness and is part of my collection of Chronicles colourways.  The character has red hair, a green slate wrist guard, she has magical abilities, uses red ochre and feeds Wolf (another of the characters) salmon and so those colours all had to feature in this colourway.  A favourite of mine, it's delicate but strong, just like Renn herself! 
Available on a selection of bases (you can see them all here) - our most popular is the standard sock, perfect for almost any project!
Dyed to order items will be dyed and dispatched within 2-3 weeks - if you order ready to ship items at the same time, they will all be dispatched together. Please see our policies for more information on shipping and returns.

If you order a quantity less than 100g (for example 20g mini skein or 50g skein), this will be dyed as 100g and then wound for you from that and so will appear reskeined = look different.  The yarn will be dyed in the same way no matter how much yarn you order but when reskeined it will have a more blended look.

Renn - dyed to order

Yarn base

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