Jewel toned rainbow mini skein set

4ply/fingering weight yarn
75% Superwash Merino
25% Nylon
20g = approx 80m
10 x 20g = approx. 800m

Colourways included in bundle: Romance, Amortentia, Amber, Citrine, Dig for victory, Aventurine, Squid ink, Iolite, Plum jam, Bramble.

Jewel toned rainbow mini set

  • These skeins contain superwash wool which means it can be machine washed on a wool wash cycle but I recommend hand washing and drying flat to prevent felting and help extend the life of your finished product.


    Although I wash and rinse this wool after dyeing to remove any excess dye, some may remain especially with darker colours and so hand washing separately will also help avoid colour transfer to another item.


    While I have tried to depict the yarn colours as accurately as possible, please be aware that colours can vary between monitors, and that as each skein is hand dyed, even skeins from the same dye lot may vary a little.

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