This scarf was created as a way to use up scraps of yarn and showcase my hand dyed colourways but as it grew, it became so much more than that to me.  Choosing colours spontaneously and following my heart, the name ‘Find Your Own Direction’ felt more and more appropriate and so I’ve decided that now I’ve found my direction, I should share it with the knitting world.  This scarf pattern can be adapted to suit anyone’s direction - it’s simple to knit, can be made in one colour or several (my version used 85 different colours!) and you can even join the ends to make a cowl if that’s more your thing.  It’s a great stash buster and each pattern repeat uses less than 2g of fingering/4 ply weight yarn.  If you look closely, the pattern looks like arrows (which is why direction seemed right) but they also look like hearts… and I think the world always needs more love and acceptance!

Find Your Own Direction


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